Sergio Mendoza's photos

[Image: Cavendish Office (1998)]
Old office in the Astrophysics Group, at the Cavendish Laboratory (Summer, 1998).

[Image: Cambridge to Coton bridge (Aug,
Cambridge to Coton bridge, over the M11 (August,2000)

[Image: Sun pyramid, Teotihuacan (Dec 2000)]
In Teotihuacan, the city of gods, Mexico (December, 2000).

[Image: Auditorium, CEL (Dec, 2000)]
Upper part of the auditorium at my old school, Centro Escolar del Lago (December, 2000).

[Image: Iztaccihuatl's summit (March,
Iztaccihuatl's 5220mts summit (March, 2002).

[Image: Paso de Cortes(March, 2002)]
At the Paso de Cortés before a nice climbing (March, 2002).

[Image: Angel de la Independencia 
   (November, 2007)]
At the Angel de la Independencia in Reforma Avenue for the monthly ciclotón in Mexico City (November, 2007).

[Image: Los Cabos
   (December, 2007)]
At Cabo San Lucas Baja California Sur (December 2007), México .

[Image: Acropolis, Athens, Greece
   (June, 2008)]
At the Acropolis of Athens in Greece (June, 2008).

[Image: Reforma Avenue, Mexico City
   (February 15, 2009)]
At Reforma Avenue in Mexico City (February 15, 2009).

[Image: In the Mexico-USA Border
   (September 08, 2009)]
At Mexico - USA border in Sonora crossing the Gran Desierto de Altar, Mexico (September 08, 2009).

[Image: In Morelia, Michoacan
   (October 01, 2009)]
At Morelia in Michoacan , Mexico (October 01, 2009).

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[Image: With my blackboard at
   IA-UNAM (March 02, 2011)]
At my office in the Instituto de Astronomía of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México , Mexico (March 02, 2011).

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